Memorial Service / Celebration of Life

$2,520.75 – Memorial Service

Professional & Staff Services – $1,660.00

  • Arrangement conference in your home or our office
  • Staff consultation
  • Composing, placing and administration of obituary
  • Staff attendance at the Memorial Service
  • Copy of Staff consultation
  • Return of ashes and Death Certificates to your home

Completing Documents – $60.00

  • Obtaining and filing all required documents
  • Issuing Provincial Cremation Permit and Death Certificates

Transfer Services – $120.00

  • Transfer of deceased from place of death to our crematorium
  • No additional fees for evening or weekend transfers

Facilities – General – $110.00

  • Administration and Sheltering areas

Goods – included

  • Cardboard cremation casket included (other choices are available)
  • Temporary cremation urn for ashes (other choices are available)

Cremation Fee – $395.00

Death Certificate – $27.00

CPBC (Government) Administrative Fee – $30.00

  • Fee payable to the Consumer Protection BC agency, which oversees all the licensing of funeral and crematorium providers in the Province of British Columbia

Goods and Services Tax (GST) – $118.75

Total – $2,520.75

Additional Services Are Available

  • Rush Cremation
  • Witness Cremation
See Additional Services

We accept payment by cheque or VISA/MasterCard. Additional to our fees is the $35 Memorial Society of BC Records Fee, collected at the time of death.