Additional Services

Additional Notarized Death Certificates – $20

  • A notarized copy of the original Death Certificate

Cremation Certificates – $20

  • A Cremation Certificate is required for any potential travel with cremated remains, shipment of cremated remains through mail, and/or any burial of cremated remains at any cemetery.

Rush Cremation – $295

  • Rush Cremation prioritizes the cremation process and your loved one will be cremated within 3 business days of receiving your loved one into our care and having received the necessary medical documentation. Delivery or pick up arrangements will be coordinated with you directly once cremation is complete

Witness Cremation – $695

  • Visit our crematorium and witness the cremation
  • Available 9:00AM, Tuesday to Friday

Letter of Contents – $20

  • A letter for transporting cremated remains on an aircraft

Funeral Director’s Statement of Death – $20

  • A letter proving death if you are traveling on a bereavement airfare